Rick turns 4!

8 Jul

Our little Rick Iguana Harty-Bruno (that’s his full name) turned 4 years old yesterday! For those who don’t know, Jason and I have had Rick since he was 8 weeks old – he’s a big part of our little family and goes wherever we go, whenever possible. He is a Portuguese Water Dog – like the Obama’s have, but we like to add that we had him way before they had Bo! He’s truly the best dog ever – smart, loving and our best friend!

Here’s a look at Rick throughout the years… he was such a cute puppy!

This is Rick the day we went to “pick him out.” He’s only four weeks old. The woman we got him from put all the puppies around us and he was the one that was drawn to us. He also wasn’t as squirmy as the rest of the litter, so we were told he was going to be pretty chill.

This is Rick at five weeks old. The breeder kept us posted on his growth every week via a blog, until we could bring him home at eight weeks old.

This is Rick when he was a little over a year old. He wanted to show his Red Sox pride this day (aka, he’s a good sport).

Here’s Rick at two years old. When we can’t find him, this is usually where we look first. It’s cool and quiet!

This is Rick last Christmas. Again, being a real good sport!

A lot of people ask how we came up with the name Rick. Around the time when we were getting him, Jason and I used to watch a lot of Saturday Night Live. Amy Poehler was in a skit called “Kaitlin” where she played a 10-yr old girl who lived with her step dad Rick (played by Horatio Sanz). The Kaitlin skits are pee your pants funny! They cracked us up so much I used to run around the house imitating them and screaming “Rick, Rick, Rick” like in the skit. Of course when it came time to think of a name for our new 8-wk old puppy, what was in our heads… Rick! Kaitlin wants an iguana for a pet in one of the skits, hence Rick’s middle name.

As a special birthday treat, I took Rick for a nice long walk around the neighborhood and gave him extra treats. It’s the little things with him…


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  1. nana July 12, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

    this was a cute article

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