Poissonier Day 1 and a Trip to Chelsea Market

12 Jul

Today was the first day of Poissonier, the fish station. My class has two fish dishes that we make, so we split them and two of us work on one and the other two work on the second one. The dish I cooked today with Hunter and Warren was Miso-Marinated Cod over Yuzu Arugula Salad with Gingered Red Pepper Coulis and Caramelized Lime. Nutty and Caesar (we have a new person in our group) worked on the second dish, which I’ll start making on Wednesday. The cod was first marinated in several Asian spices/sauces, while we made the salad. The salad was comprised of arugula, jicama, mango, red onion and Asian pears. It was then dressed with a Yuzu and sesame vinaigrette. Yuzu is an asian citrus fruit that has great aroma and flavor. The cod is seared on both sides then placed on top of the dressed salad and finished with toasted sesame seeds on top. The dish is then garnished with a ginger and red pepper coulis and a lime that had been caramelized on a flat stove top. A coulis is a sweet or savory sauce that has been pureed. This was a beautiful dish and great for the summer because it was so light.

I headed to Chelsea Market after school today (second time this week – love it!) because I needed to pick up ingredients for recipe testing. I’m testing two recipes for another magazine, called Taste of the Seacoast. Chelsea Market is really the best place I’ve found to get seafood and produce. They have the greatest selection and the prices are more reasonable than larger grocery stores. Here are some pics from The Lobster Place, the seafood market inside Chelsea Market. I could spend all day in there!

There’s so much wild and farmed fish to choose from. This is just a small selection of it.

This is their shrimp selection – I’ve purchased shrimp from here before for canapes.

Here’s more shellfish, including clams, mussels, oysters and cockles.

I’m off to get started on my testing. Enjoy the rest of your night!


2 Responses to “Poissonier Day 1 and a Trip to Chelsea Market”

  1. Kate July 12, 2010 at 7:51 pm #

    Miso cod – my favourite! What’s the purpose of caramelizing the lime, is it garnish or would you squeeze onto the fish?

    • lizbruno July 12, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

      Hey Kate!
      Caramelizing the lime gives it a nice flavor, somewhat smoky and charred, and you can definitely use it to squeeze on the fish. Grilled limes are also great in Caipirinhas.

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