Saturday in the City

18 Jul

On Saturday, Jason and I started the day having brunch at The Coffee Shop in Union Square. It’s such a fun place, open 23 hours a day, serving Brazilian-American food and cocktails. Jason had the California wrap, I had the wild mushroom omelet and we split a fruit plate.

This is the California Wrap – Jason said it was excellent, really hit the spot. We both had iced coffees – yum!

This is my omelet. It was somewhat dry. I like my eggs a little more runny, but it was still good. The serving size was huge.

After brunch, we spent time walking around midtown and then going to the Union Square farmer’s market. I wanted to look around and get ingredients for a BBQ we went to today.

There are a few honey and maple syrup booths – this is one of them.

Round zucchini – there was a lot of squash at the market this weekend.

I bought some of these cherry tomatoes for the avocado salad I made today.

I also got some plums yesterday. They are so sweet and juicy.

Berkshire Berries has a booth at the Farmers Market every week. I walk by all the time, but I’ve never bought anything yet, and I love jams and jellies. I really need to try it one of these days.

This booth had beautiful calla lillies. I love looking at the flowers.

Pattypan squash, which is really popular lately, and more zucchini.

Radishes are really in now as well. They’re served in salads and as side dishes frequently. These pink, purple and multi-colored versions are really delicious.

Speaking of local, seasonal ingredients, the Executive Chef and owner of the restaurant I’ll be interning at, has a video online where he prepares a great asparagus dish. I thought it was work posting. Check it out here. We’ve never cooked anything in school in a microwave, but I guess all chefs have their tricks when cooking at home!

Saturday night, Jason and I went to a Japanese tapas restaurant, Zenkichi, in Williamsburg. Everyone is separated by table by wooden shades – it was really cool and we had the most amazing dishes. Because they serve small plates, we got to try several different things, eel tempura, Kobe beef tataki, grilled Miso oysters, tuna sashimi, rice balls with dashi and rock salt jidori chicken.

Following dinner, we met our friends Lou and Anna for drinks at Nita Nita. They had appetizers and margaritas and I had a sloe gin fizz. I love drinks with gin. Finally, we finished out the night with ice cream from the Van Leeuwen truck on Bedford Ave. Jason and I used to walk to a homemade ice cream joint in Cambridge and although this isn’t the same, it’s still fantastic ice cream.

Hope you had a nice weekend!


One Response to “Saturday in the City”

  1. Lou K. July 19, 2010 at 7:39 am #

    Fantastic pics, thanks for the shout out! 😛

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