Monday Monday

20 Jul

Today got off to a great start. Prep for lunch service was pretty easy and we served the veal paillard to the chef’s table (6 chefs from school try the dishes periodically before service). Lunch service wasn’t very busy, but was steady. Tomorrow Warren, Hunter and I will switch with Nutty and Caesar and make the pork entree. I’ll post more info on that tomorrow…

After school, I had my first shift at my internship at Locanda Verde! I just got home from my shift – it was quite a long day for me, something I have to get used to as I’ll be doing it Monday, Wednesday, Friday every week. I stayed in the prep kitchen tonight with other cooks and another intern and did several odd jobs including: preparing the mise en place for the roasted chicken and vegetable dish, portioning out peppers and onions, frenching green and wax beans, cutting bread for bread crumbs, and slicing olives. I think I’ll do many of these things day after day because the restaurant goes through so much product, but there will be other random things thrown at me as well. I can’t wait for more!

I posted a few recipes last night on my recipes page, and also added a review of one of mine and Jason’s favorite spots in Williamsburg, Miranda Restaurant.



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