Elderflower Roulade & a Busy Friday at LV

24 Jul

Before class starts, we meet with our chefs to talk about the recipes and the final if necessary. There are sometimes little tweaks they want to make to our recipes that they want us to all be aware of. After our meeting the chef handed back our menu projects. I am happy to say that I got  100% on my menu project, and because of that (I’m assuming), I didn’t get my project back. The chefs will keep it, put it in the library and use it as an example for future classes. Me and two other people in my class got 100% on our projects and didn’t get them back yesterday. Pretty cool!

Yesterday was my last day making the Elderflower Roulade  with Lemon Curd. It’s really important that I do every component of every dish as it’s a possibility I’ll have that dish on my final! For our final, we either get a garde manger and saucier dish to make, or a poissonier and pastry dish. You don’t know what you have until the morning of the final where you pick numbers that correspond with the dishes. It’s all very nerve wracking. I made the lemon curd and chocolate decorations today while Warren concentrated on the mousse and cake.

Last night was my first Friday night at Locanda Verde. I spent the night in the prep kitchen crossing items of my “list” and somehow, they all got done! My night consisted of prepping tomatoes, portioning chickens, slicing olives, grinding breadcrumbs, frenching haricots verts, picking thyme, portioning tripe, and peeling/cutting roasted potatoes. It’s amazing how much can get done when y0u enjoy what you’re doing – I felt really productive. I didn’t get home until after 1am, but at least it was Friday and I don’t have class today.

Needless to say, I slept in a little bit today and am now trying to formulate a plan for the rest of the weekend. Jason and I are visiting our friends Jeff and Diane in NJ tomorrow so we have the whole day today to ourselves! Maybe a trip to the farmer’s market followed by some wedding planning is in order. First though, time to start thinking about lunch!


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