Last 2 Days in Pastry

27 Jul

Yesterday and today were my last two days in the pastry station at school. I have to say, I’m a bit sad. I really do enjoy pastry and loved the chef that we worked with, Chef Mimi. Yesterday Warren and I focused on the Chocolate Tart with Coconut Sorbet while today we had a mock final and had to make all components of both desserts, from start to finish, on our own. Chef Mimi developed the chocolate tart dessert and it’s definitely a crowd favorite. Almost every table orders one. The dish consists of a chocolate tart (the dough is made with cocoa powder while the filling is made with Manjari chocolate), bruleed bananas, candied coconut, creme chantilly, coconut lime sorbet and a sprinkle of lime zest.

It is delicious – the tart is rich, but the sorbet lightens up the dish making it perfect for summer. Being the last day in pastry, I decided to take some candid shots of what I made, and of our group in the kitchen.

These are the chocolate tarts I made today during our mock final. I’m really pleased with how they came out. It’s easy to overcook the filling and undercook the dough, but these came out really nice.

The bruleed bananas are a fun garnish – they’re topped with turbinado sugar (also known as “sugar in the raw”) and bruleed with a handheld blow torch!

Nutty decided to make a special dessert today, a deconstructed ice cream sandwich. He made strawberry and vanilla cream sandwiched between chocolate wafers, and finished the plate with cherry sorbet, graham crumbs, cherry syrup and creme chantilly. Creme chantilly is simply, sweetened whipped cream. It was really great and I love the play on an ice cream sandwich.

We had a lot of fun in the pastry kitchen over the last two days. Here are some shots of my classmates at work.

Warren putting the sliced roulade into the fridge.

Hunter is deep in conversation with Chef Mimi

Something was really funny to Caesar - I think it was Hunter.

Nutty working on the chocholate wafers for his special.

We had a little fun today in the kitchen!

After school today, my classmate Kris and I went to JB Prince in midtown. JB Prince is a chef’s supply store – cookbooks, knives, spoons, gadgets, molds, pots, pans, etc etc etc. They have everything and at great prices. I needed a microplane for my tool kit and Kris grabbed a really nice Peugeot pepper mill and bon bon molds! Before heading home, we grabbed some tea and an espresso brownie at Birch Coffee, which I used to go to when I worked in midtown. I love their coffee and teas, and especially love their brownies – it hit the spot after school.

I have my first test in level 6 tomorrow and a long day of school and work. Time for bed blog friends!


One Response to “Last 2 Days in Pastry”

  1. laura d July 29, 2010 at 9:53 am #

    LIZ JUNO! ha. i found you through your site! love the blog and glad you went to jb prince!!! has your sched. changed at the restaurant? I missed you last night! I hope everything is okay.
    xo, laura

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