Entremetier Specials

29 Jul

Yesterday was my first day of the Entremetier station. In level 6, Entremetier is responsible for coming up with a canape and a sandwich special of the day. There are no set rules, however canapes are typically made with ingredients found regularly in the kitchen (vs. being special ordered), so we used what was in the store room yesterday. A canape is a small appetizer typically eaten on bread or a cracker and can usually be eaten in one bite. We serve complimentary canapes (aka amuse bouches) to every table in the restaurant.

Nutty came up with the canape yesterday. It was a spicy cracker topped with crispy English cucumber, roasted cherry tomato and a scallop seared in thyme infused olive oil. The scallop was then topped with a miso sauce and lemon zest. There were so many flavors and textures going on – it was delicious.

I came up with the sandwich special for the day. It was based on one of my favorite sandwiches back in Boston, the Chacarero, also the name of the restaurant. If you live or work near Downtown Crossing, this is the place to go for lunch. Chef let us know on Monday that we had steak to use for our sandwich so I made a traditional Chilean Chacarero sandwich.

It started with homemade rolls that Brian and Mic made earlier in the day, then I layered on avocado puree made with lemon, salt and pepper, cooked haricot verts, sliced tomatoes, fontina* cheese, and finally, the steak. We rubbed the steak with several spices including cumin, mustard powder, sweet paprika, cayenne, salt and pepper, roasted it at a high temp just to get good color on the outside, then served it sliced thin medium-rare to order. *The traditional chacarero calls for Muenster cheese, but alas, the storeroom doesn’t stock Muenster so we had to use Fontina – it was still delicious. On the side, Hunter made rice and beans (a traditional Chilean side dish) and we also included a simple tomato salad.

Unfortunately, I was so busy putting the sandwich together that I didn’t take a picture of it! One of our chefs ordered it for lunch though, so I snuck a picture of his (in between bites!) to give you somewhat of an idea of what it looked like.

Unfortunately I came down with the flu this week and haven’t done much but sleep over the past day and a half to try and get rid of it. Jason and I are getting sushi for dinner tonight though – I’m so excited and will post our thoughts afterward.


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