Corn Chowder & Cubanos

3 Aug

Today started out pretty quiet – I think everyone was tired and had a busy weekend. Only 14 more school days left until we graduate though – crazy!  Warren and I worked on the canape, a derivative of one of my menu project dishes – Chilled Corn Chowder with Tobiko. My original dish had scallops and lobster on top, but since this is a canape using what we have on hand, those items weren’t possible so we’re going with red and green Tobiko and chives as the garnish. The chowder came out great, sweet, creamy and a little salty due to the pancetta we rendered with the shallots. I loved the “pop” you got when biting into the Tobiko – the texture was great with the smooth soup.

The sandwich special was pretty spectacular. Caesar came up with a Cubano served with purple (died with beets) and yellow plantain chips and an avocado and grilled corn salad. The pressed sandwich was piled high with ham, gruyere, mojo-rubbed pork shoulder, home-made pickles and a dijon mayonnaise, all on a home-made roll. I recently had a cubano for lunch at Marlow & Sons and loved it so I was pretty excited for this sandwich. It was delicious.

This is Caesar manning the panini press.

The homemade patty pan bread Brian and Mic made.

The finished dish with sides. I love all the different colors and textures going on.

The restaurant was hopping tonight. I worked prep and for some reason, it was celeb-city upstairs. Gwenyth, the Olsen twins, Courtney Love, NAS, Eva Mendez and Liev Schreiber all showed up for dinner (separately). I’m not typically a name-dropper, but thought it was kinda cool they all came on the same night! Tomorrow is our first day of garde manger and thus we have two new dishes. I’ve got to get some sleep so I’m with it for the new station and chef.


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