First Day of Garde Manger, Level 6

3 Aug

Today was the first day of our rotation in Garde Manger. We have two new dishes as well as a vegetable terrine and a duck pate to make for this station. Warren and I worked on the Spring Pea Panna Cotta with Crab. It’s a vibrant green panna cotta made with milk, peas, spinach and mint. It’s topped with a crab salad made with prosciutto, English peas and mayonnaise, a salad of frisee and pea greens, smoked paprika oil and cumin bricelet. We had almost 20 orders for it during service today – it was very popular.

I made the panna cotta and paprika oil and tomorrow will focus on the crab and bricelet. The components are pretty easy to make, just time-consuming. I have to keep my blog short tonight so I can study for my next cumulative test (tomorrow) and get a good night’s sleep. Goodnight friends!


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