Saucier Day 2 and More Kitchen Fun

17 Aug

Friday and Monday were our first two days of Saucier (the meat station). Warren and I made Rack of Lamb with a Warm Tomato Salad, Asparagus and Potato Puree. It’s a rich and flavorful dish, and if you love lamb (like I do), you’ll enjoy it.

The dish starts with a rack of lamb that is seared in a saute pan and then finished in the oven to medium-rare. Of course diners can have the meat cooked to the temperature they like, but medium-rare is how we make it if they don’t specify. Before service, we prep the sauce (a lamb stock reduction) and three side dishes. Asparagus spears are peeled and cooked a’l’anglaise (cooked until tender in salted boiling water). Potatoes are pureed with milk, cream, butter, s+p and pressure-cooked garlic. Cherry tomatoes are combined with a warm vinaigrette made with Mirin (a Japanese rice wine), Yuzu, ginger juice, shallots, fennel and coriander. I love these side dishes. I recreated the tomato salad at home for dinner Sunday night and Jason loved it.

Here’s the final dish – there are so many colors and textures going on – it’s a beautiful plate.

Being the last week of school (I only have 2 days of class left until my final!), I got kind of nostalgic walking in today and I’ve been taking more photos of my friends in class. Here are some good ones from today.

My walk down Broadway from the subway – this is my school.

Warren on the line searing the lamb for service.

Berry, Harold, Lauren, Stephen and Brian

Caesar hamming it up for the camera!

Berry made the canape today - crispy prosciutto cups filled with a melon salad and mint garnish.

Harold, Kris and Han Joo in Poissonier. Han Joo knows I'm taking the picture, but I don't think the other two do.

I think he's saying, "I can make you a loaf of bread this big!" Brian loves to bake bread.

Chef Henri inspecting Warren's butchering!

I wanted to take some shots of the line at school, for those who may be curious... that's my station in front with all the pots and pans on the stove and Poissonier is on the other side.

Work was pretty busy tonight, but I got out a lot earlier than usual. There were three interns working, so we got our tasks done fast. I can never fall asleep soon after I get home – what a great excuse to write! Goodnight all!


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