Farmer’s Market Finds and Journeyman

11 Sep

I was so excited for the farmer’s market this weekend. We enjoyed our market goods so much last week I couldn’t wait to get more. Since we got the lay of the land last weekend, I started to get the idea of which purveyors sold what. I started though doing my typical walk through the market scoping out what looks good before I decide what to purchase. We ended up with a pretty good basket of goodies:

We bought lots of veggies - Japanese eggplant, yellow onions, shallots, green bell peppers and a cubanelle pepper.

More veggies - tomatoes and golden beets. I can't wait to use these!

Of course I had to get a big bunch of basil for a few of my dishes this week.

My plan is to make a caponata with the eggplant, peppers and tomatoes this week, plus a roasted golden beet salad with feta cheese. I may make a pesto with the leftover basil – have to see how long it keeps for. Basil is one of those things that doesn’t keep fresh long after you take it home.

Not sure how many of you are familiar with Union Square in Somerville, but it’s a pretty up and coming square, very close to both Harvard and Inman Square in Cambridge. We happen to live very close to it and have witnessed a lot of new restaurants and shops going in since we bought our house 3 years ago. There are even plans to put a T stop in Union Square in 2010. Jason got an email this past weekend from Urban Daddy announcing a new restaurant in Union Square called Journeyman. The description from Urban Daddy sounds AMAZING – here’s what they unveiled:

Behold: Journeyman, the brand-new, tucked-away Union Square locavore-cathedral, soft-opening this Wednesday and now accepting reservations for big groups. Walking up to Journeyman feels a little like you’re trespassing in a mechanic’s garage. It’s located on a short, dead-end street, and there’s no signage out front save for a metal beam sticking out of the ground with “Journeyman” cut into it (incidentally, we understand this is also how the band Journey got started).

But after some keen usage of your phone’s GPS and a little bit of testicular fortitude, you’ll walk inside and breathe in the minimalist SoHo-artist-loft-style interior (high ceilings, bookshelves), where you and about 35 of your friends will be able to hold a massive, multi-course feast. (Think of it as a permanent dinner party space, with a professional kitchen.)

As for what you’ll be feasting on: the menu changes daily, and they use only local ingredients. Think pigs from North Face Farm in Duxbury, fish from Cambridge-based New Deal Fish Market and herbs from a huge, floor-to-ceiling vertical garden housed right in the dining area. And to drink: small-batch organic wines and local beers, also constantly changing.

Are you kidding – THIS PLACE IS RIGHT IN OUR BACKYARD!! Almost immediately we logged online to the reservation site. The reservations for this weekend are all booked already but we got a reservation for September 26th! I’m so excited. I’ve seen some pictures of the space on Facebook and it looks pretty cool. I love that it only seats 35 people and the menu changes weekly depending on what’s good and in-season. They’ll offer 3, 5, and 7-course omnivore and vegetarian menu options – sweet! Aside from the excitement around this new place, we had a great weekend and I’ve got some excellent recipes to share – keep an eye out for them!


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