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A Productive Day Off & a Peruvian Dinner

17 Mar

Today was my first day off since last Thursday. It’s weird to have Wednesday and Thursday as a “weekend” but I’m getting used to it. There certainly isn’t the usual weekend traffic or people to deal with when trying to go to the gym, get groceries or run other errands. Everyone else is working while I’m doing all those things – it’s kind of nice. Today was just that – I ran a million errands all over Somerville in a matter of a few hours and managed to get a great workout in at the gym. I recently became a member at Healthworks in Porter Square and look forward to going whenever I can. It’s a women only gym, which is new to me, and a lot nicer than most of the other gyms I’ve belonged to. AND – since I’m going while everyone else is at work, I get whatever machine I want and don’t have to deal with the craziness of working out before 9am or after 5pm. Besides the gym, I went to the vet, City Hall, got the car inspected, and grabbed some things at CVS – I got a ton done today. A good amount of my time this afternoon was spent online and catching up on laundry too.

Tonight, my friend Jennifer came by. We drank August Briggs Cabernet and got dinner from Machu Picchu Restaurant in Union Square. They serve the most delicious Peruvian food and are right around the corner from where I live. We had a handmade tamale stuffed with pork and wrapped in a banana leaf, steamed fish served with spicy onions, tomatoes, and golden potatoes, and marinated beef served with canary beans and rice.

Dinner was delicious. Jennifer loves trying different cuisines – she’s a great dinner date! We were so busy chatting that we didn’t end up eating a lot and there are a ton of leftovers for tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I have another day off and lots more I want to get accomplished. Goodnight all!


Restaurant Week – Take 2

14 Mar

Today marked the start of week 2 of Restaurant Week (RW). It was also daylight savings – so I lost an hour of sleep (booooo!). Last week was pretty crazy and tonight was no different. It’s great for the restaurant because every night has been like a Friday or Saturday night when we’re the busiest. As always, we like to change things up a bit and have a completely different RW menu this week. In addition to the usual dishes I prepare, my RW salad consisted of frisee, endive, shiitake mushrooms, goat cheese, toasted hazelnuts, orange segments and a banyuls vinaigrette – delicious! There were so many great textures going on. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE goat cheese in anything.

My amuse bouche today was marinated tofu with a carrot, bell pepper and scallion salad. We had some tofu in the house, so I figured this was the perfect use for it. I marinated it in rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, lime juice, toasted sesame oil and sriracha. It came out really nice. Since I started my job, I’ve definitely developed a pallet for spicier dishes – hence the little kick in my marinade with the sriracha. Time to think of tomorrow’s amuse now…

I’m home now and wide awake. I wish I could go right to sleep after work, but it’s really difficult after going so fast for so many hours and then coming to a screeching halt after service and cleanup. Instead, I spent some time catching up on emails and reviewing our wedding invitation layouts! We are so lucky to be working with my friend Jennie to design the invitations. She did our save the date cards and they came out wonderful – I can’t wait to see the invitations printed!


we're so happy with how our 'save the date' cards came out. they're fun and tell our story perfectly.

Well, I need my rest before another day of RW. Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!

Living on the line

10 Mar

I can’t believe it… it’s been six months since I started my job as a line cook at Bergamot (and wrote in my blog – sorry all!) and boy has my life changed! No longer are the days when I’m up at 6am and home at 7pm! Now, I’m up at 9, err 10am, and home sometime between 11pm and 1am depending on the day.

There are a lot of things I love about my job – the people, the work I do everyday and the products we’re working with. I feel like I’ve found a great place to learn and grow as a cook. I learn something new everyday – whether it’s a new technique or cooking with an ingredient I’ve never used before. I’m working Garde Manger – where I prepare most of the cold appetizers for the restaurant. I also prepare the amuse bouche everyday, which is challenging and fun. The menu is constantly changing depending on what’s in season, which is great for me as I’m new to the biz. Unfortunately, what has been difficult is the little time I have with Jason, friends and family. I work nights and weekends, so it’s been hard to see people, but I’m trying to figure it all out and still have fun.

Luckily, I’ve got a very supportive network of people around me, who also love to eat! Take a look at who dropped in recently…

Here I am at work when Anna, Michaela and Jason came to visit!

This week is especially crazy because it’s Restaurant Week in Boston! We’re serving our normal menu and an additional Restaurant Week menu. I’ve really missed my blogging and will be making an effort to write posts more often. I hope everyone reading had a wonderful winter and is ready for spring. I especially can’t wait for the spring farmer’s markets to open up. I found a great site that gives a listing of all the markets in Massachusetts. I live a few blocks from the Union Square market, but may expand my horizons come the summer.

Enjoy the rest of the week!