A new look, and a new outlook

2 Dec

Hey all! You’ll notice the look of Delicious Ventures changed yesterday. I felt it needed a little facelift. It’s like when you feel like you need to rearrange the furniture in your living room, just because. I thought since I’m revamping my career path, the blog should be revamped as well. I recently left my job as a line cook at Bergamot in search of what my next move in the culinary world will be. Leaving Bergamot was really difficult. It was my second home. My coworkers were like my family, the people I spent most of my time with. And the food, I loved every dish we put out. Each plate is a creative and delicious reflection of every person behind the line. But, unfortunately, working in a restaurant isn’t very conducive to kicking off a marriage and spending time with your hubby, friends and family. So, I’m in search of something that is a better balance of what I love to do and spending time with the people (and dog) I love.

Here's Rick (the other man in my life) and I on a rainy day this fall!

I have been traveling a lot over the past few weeks, connecting with old friends, and setting up a new office space in our spare bedroom. The picture at the top of this post shows how the room is shaping up! I’m so happy with how it looks so far. We’ve now got a sofa bed for overnight guests (woo hoo), a desk and a chair! There are a few more pieces we need so I can keep all my junk awesome stuff organized, but those will come in time. Since I’ve been home the past few weeks, I’ve also done a ton of cooking. I have great photos of many of the dishes I’ve made recently, so you’ll see those in upcoming posts!

I hope you all enjoy the new look of Delicious Ventures. If you get my blog via email, click on over to the actual website to see the new look and feel (that term was so marketing-y of me!). Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the holiday season!


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