Morandi, NY NY

211 Waverly Place
NY, NY 10014

My family and I had brunch at Morandi recently and we left so happy and full! I don’t think anyone wanted to eat for the rest of the day. We got a reservation at 10am so we could get a good start on the day, and are glad we did. It got very crowded around 11 and we probably would’ve had a hard time getting a table any later. Our waiter was wonderful and had a lot of help taking care of us. Someone was always bringing us bread, filling water or coffee, clearing plates, etc.

We started with a basket of sweet breads and brushetta with honey and nuts. Both were delicious. I love honey, ricotta and nuts together. For my meal, I had the poached eggs with fava beans, spring peas and artichokes. The runny yolk made a sort of “sauce” in the bowl, and was perfect with crusty Italian bread. A few people in my family had the Pannetone french toast with sweet creme fraiche. I tried it and it was amazing. They were all thrilled with it. Jason had the egg sandwich special and loved it also. My uncle had the steak and eggs – he loved that as well. Many of us also had fresh squeezed orange juice and cafe american with our meals. Coffee was excellent, nice and strong.

I can’t wait to go back to Morandi for another meal. Amazing and a great place to take visitors, as it’s in Greenwich Village and easy to walk around afterward.


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