Wildcat Tavern, Jackson, NH

Jason and I went to Wildcat Tavern on a busy Friday night. The clam chowder was fantastic – creamy and flavorful, but not too heavy, and with a lot of bacon (love that). Jason had a pretzel for his appetizer (weird, but seemed good for a bar). It was loaded with salt that he had to pick off. For our meals, he had the meatloaf and I had the roast chicken. The meatloaf came with excellent mashed potatoes and steamed carrots. The carrots didn’t have too much flavor and the meatloaf left a puddle of oil on the plate. My roast chicken came with the same carrots and a mushroom risotto. I love risotto and was really excited for it, however it tasted like really strong white wine. I know you’re supposed to cook risotto using wine, but it’s done in the beginning and the alcohol cooks off – this tasted like it was drenched in wine before it came to the plate. What a bummer. The music was pretty good – they had a live band that everyone was into. Beer was cold – another plus! After writing and rereading this review, I don’t know that I’d go back, or maybe we went on an off night…


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