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Stocking Stuffer Alert: Instant-read thermometers

30 Nov

I’ve had many people over for dinner lately who have complimented me on how moist the meat I cooked came out. My secret? An instant-read thermometer. I find that so many people cook the daylights out of their meat for fear that it’s going to be undercooked and still carry harmful bacteria. A thermometer takes all that guesswork out, especially when you’re dealing with poultry, which should never be served undercooked. Other meats can be cooked perfectly to your liking (mine is always medium rare) every time with the help of one of thee puppies. For me, I like to take my meat out about 5 degrees under what I’d like it to be, because there’s always some carry over cooking that happens.

This article in USA TODAY made me remember that I wanted to remind people how great this tool is! Give it a read for more information.

Instant-read thermometer a must have – USATODAY.com

A funny thing happened when Jason and I pulled out a thermometer in a house we were renting not too long ago… we discovered nobody spell checked the text on the thermometer before it went into production. Not to worry though, our PROK came out great! Also, I’m not sure when this thermometer was made, but the suggested temperatures are severely off.

Here’s a good resource from FoodSafety.gov that shows minimum cooking temperatures.