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Perfectly pickled

11 Sep

I’ve always wanted to make homemade pickles, especially since I started making my own canned fruit preserves and compotes. It’s a great way to preserve in-season fruits veggies you’re not going to eat right away. When it comes to pickling – canning more specifically, you have to be very careful about boiling your jars long enough to get a good seal on your jar, packing it up to a certain point with liquid, etc so that you can keep your cans in dry storage practically forever (vs. in the fridge). But since I was only doing a small batch and wanted pickles for immediate consumption, I looked for a recipe for refrigerator pickles. I searched online and found a recipe for refrigerator dill pickles. I started with the cucumbers we bought at the market last weekend:

I’m a fan of tweaking recipes and trying different ingredient ratios, but I wanted to follow this recipe exactly for my first time making pickles. I mixed all the herbs and spices together, mixed the liquids together and put everything into my glass Ball jars on top of my cucumbers. Something I read online that I did differently than the recipe was soak my cucumbers in ice water for 2 hours prior to putting them in the jars – this ensures a crisp pickle. I LOVE ball jars – I’ve made jams and compotes in them before. They’re pretty and make great homemade gifts filled with something delicious.

Here's a closeup of my pickles in the jar - you can see all the herbs and spices inside.

Here's my entire batch of pickles. 4 small cucumbers cut into spears filled 2 jars and 3/4 of a 3rd jar.

I made these pickles 5 days ago and just tried them today (for the 2nd time). I wanted to see how the time affected the pickling and the taste. They came out great! They’re definitely sweeter than I typically like my pickles (because of the brown sugar in the recipe), so I think I’ll change that next time around, but they are really tasty. Briney and herby – yum!