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More Blueberry Madness: Backyard Blueberry Pie & Buttermilk Pudding Cakes

28 Sep

With the last of my blueberry harvest, I decided to make my neighbors a blueberry pie. I had seen one being made on TV recently and got the itch to bake a pie. I decided to use a recipe I found online as a skeleton and then change it up a bit. You can find my Backyard Blueberry Pie recipe here.

The crust came out beautiful and the filling was super jammy and fresh. I know my neighbors loved it!

Here's my pie before going into the oven. I love how the crust looks already!

Post oven, the filling was bubbling away and the crust was nicely browned.

Even after that pie, I still had leftover blueberries. I took out a cookbook I bought earlier this year at school, The Lee Bros. Simple Fresh Southern: Knockout Dishes with Down-Home Flavor, and decided to look for a recipe that I could use blueberries in.

I met the Lee brothers earlier this year at school when they came and gave a cooking demonstration. I really enjoyed their fun, easy-going take on food and cooking, and how a lot of their dishes are perfect for entertaining. I decided to make Buttermilk Pudding Cakes with a blueberry lemon compote (instead of the sugared raspberries the recipe called for). I used the same Blueberry Compote that I used in my FCI Menu Project. The recipe couldn’t be easier and I love making individual desserts – they’re nicely presented to guests and keep overeating at a minimum because they’re already portioned! The recipe yields 8 pudding cakes – you can see them in my standard muffin tin below.

When flipped out, they should be golden brown all around and ready to be topped with fruit, whipped cream, powdered sugar, ice cream, etc!

Here’s my finished cake with the blueberry lemon compote. I think the combination of the tangy buttermilk cake with this topping went great together. The Lee Brothers made this dish on Martha Stewart’s show and now the recipe (and a video of them making them) are posted here. Try this recipe next time you’re having company over – you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!