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Dinner and a Movie!

8 Dec

What the heck have I been up to you ask? Well, lately I’ve been doing a TON of recipe testing. Unfortunately, because all the recipes are unpublished and still in development, I can’t share the details of the testing. Also, December is a big month of birthdays in my family so there will be lots of celebrating! A rainy day like yesterday seemed like the perfect opportunity to get away from the computer and into some stores for holiday/birthday shopping. I’m actually not a big fan of shopping, so I don’t particularly like being out when everyone else is.

After a successful shopping trip in Inman Square and wrapping up recipe testing notes, Jason and I headed out for dinner and a movie. Tonight’s itinerary: Trina’s Starlight Lounge and The Muppets. Yes, the Muppets.

Doesn't this just bring you back to your childhood?

First stop, Trina’s. This place happens to be walking distance from our house. It’s got a cool Americana/Vintage vibe with great drinks, music and famous fried chicken! Also good for late night haunts and Monday(!) brunch. Wednesdays happen to be a special day at Trina’s because it’s Sloppy Joe day! How could we resist? It only happens once a week. We both got Sloppy Joe’s – his with coleslaw and fries on top of the sliders and mine with a homemade cheese sauce and fries and coleslaw on the side. The sloppy joe mixture was meaty, with a bit of sweetness and just messy enough. Trina’s fries are awesome too – they’re thick cut and perfectly crispy on the outside but soft in the middle. Coleslaw had a nice tang to it as well, and still had a lot of crunch. We were in heaven.

These are supposed to be sliders - some pretty gigantic sliders!

We needed to take a breather after our dinner so we walked around Harvard Square for a bit before the movie. Now for the movie. We thought it was great and made us feel like kids again. It totally brought me back to watching it when I was young. For those of you who want to know something interesting about Jason… he loves The Muppets. I think he was more excited about the movie than me. He laughed louder than anyone else in the theater and is still whistling the theme song today! For those of you looking to take your kids to a movie this holiday season or even if you don’t have kids – it’s worth a trip to the movies.